Artist Statement

My vocabulary as an artist consists of individual gesture drawings of the human form made from steel wire. Until very recently, I composed these gestured figures into sculptures that had ambiguous narrative intent. The viewer was an observer or voyeur into the interactions between the figures.  Talking with viewers of my work, I found that they bring their own histories and perceptions to their experience of my work, and it becomes a platform for their own personal storytelling.

Expanding Vocabulary Goals

Now I am expanding the goals of my vocabulary.  The world has changed in ways that I think are unhealthy and dangerous. The current social and political environment of fear and violence impels me to take a stance and speak directly to the viewer.  The figures I make now are stripped down to a specific expression.  Their gestures are more emphatic.  In addition, I have added forms made from steel strips which ground the figures and which act as a stage.


A challenge to me in being intentional in my message is to not fall into the trap of the instant media news cycle. It instills an “us versus them” mentality. Yet we live in a world where every group has its own perceptions and every situation has a back story. This necessitates acknowledging different points of view and a willingness to compromise. It requires nuance. So the challenge to me is to state my truth and leave room for viewers to consider it in terms of their truth.

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